5 tips to enhancing your email marketing strategy

The best businesses are killing it with their email marketing campaigns. After all, it does have an incredible ROI rate ($42 for every $1 spent) source and a whole host of statistics to back up the reasons behind why you should be using an email marketing strategy. It’s a powerful way to nurture your leads and cultivate consistency with your customer base if you use it to your full advantage. The stumbling block to most businesses? Deploying an effect campaign with foundational elements in place. We’ve curated a basic list of insights to get your one step closer to your business goals.

Nail your subject line

Think about it this – one of the largest influencers in users opening your email is the subject line. If your email marketing strategy doesn’t include a plan to create relevant, personalized, and engaging subject lines you are hampering the ability of your campaign to perform to its full advantage.
In fact, 47% of emails are opened based on the subject line alone and 69% are deemed as spam based only on the subject line. sourceThat means your content, call-to-action and beautiful images won’t even be seen or read unless you dig into your subject line performance metrics to determine which ones are achieving well with your audience.

When is your optimal send time?

Most customers vary in their day-to-day activities, but discovering when your most responsive time is is crucial for any email marketing strategy. Think about your customer, are they college students, stay-at-home parents, or business owners? When are they accessing their emails? Where are they located? Collecting information about your users will not only help you reach them more effectively it gives business owners perspective on how to engage authentically with that audience.

Are you segmenting?

Unless you’re in the 11% of businesses that DO segment their audience list source your email marketing strategy is missing a key component to success. Using demographic data such as age, gender, location etc. is one of the fastest ways to create a simple segmented list. However, gathering more information such as website activity, email engagement level, or place in your marketing funnel are more specific segments you can create. Believe us, segmentation works and is a highly effective tool for any campaign.

Personalize it

Think of your email like a real piece of mail. If it looks like its mass produced, it probably is. Your audience knows when something is too “sales-y” or is trying to rope them in to something they are not interested in which leads to disinterest and a view of your brand that can give them a bad impression for future efforts. Be personal with your subject line and all the way to your email footer to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Use their name in the subject line, create location specific versions of your emails, and use language that appeals to your different segments of users.

Think custom

Don’t fall prey to often stale, boring templates for your content. Users respond when they view your email as an extension of your business whether it’s the style of the graphics, the colors, or the language your use. Be specific with them and use authenticity to create a sense of relationship that will spur your email marketing strategy to the next level.

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